Many people tend to overlook mushrooms. For some, it’s down to the texture. For others, it’s just something they’ve never tried. Eating a fungus puts many off, but Americans are rethinking this as more research shows how beneficial they are.

Not only are mushrooms packed with nutritional value, vitamins and minerals, they achieve this while being low fat and low calorie. And that’s not even the most surprising benefit!

Cancer-Fighting Fungi

Right off the bat, we’re hitting you with a fundamental positive of eating mushrooms. Chief among the cancer-fighting nutrients is a mineral called selenium, which has long been linked with a number of positive effects on the body. Recent research has shown that insufficient amounts of selenium increases your risk of cancer.

Mushrooms are also high in antioxidants, which lowers the risk of cancer by preventing the cell damage from free radicals that weaken your immune system. Vitamin D, found in mushrooms, regulates cell growth, another important factor in preventing cancer.

Boost Your Immunity

Could eating mushrooms keep you from getting sick? Research shows that it may be the case. Mushrooms boost your immunity, through a combination of nutrients and antioxidants that fight free radicals. Again, chief among these is selenium.

It shouldn’t be surprising that mushrooms help your immune system. Mushrooms are packed with natural antibiotics (penicillin comes from fungi, after all). They also have beta-glucans, which fortify your immune system. Beta-glucans are also effective from everything from HIV/AIDS to the common cold.

But That’s Not All!

That’s right. Mushrooms have so much to offer. With their lack of sugar and calories, mushrooms are a tasty addition to any diabetic diet. The low calories are also beneficial for any looking to lose some weight!

Mushrooms are also great for a wide range of attributes in regards to heart health. They can lower blood pressure naturally and cholesterol, and can even prevent heart disease!

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These are only a few of the reasons why it might be time to start working mushrooms into your diet. Check out our Further Reading options to learn some delicious ways you can work mushrooms into your diet!

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