Cold showers have fallen firmly out of vogue. If you’re used to a hot shower in the morning, cold ones are downright miserable.

While hot showers may be comfortable, they offer no health benefits. In fact, bathing in water that is too hot can dry out your skin and damage your hair. Despite the perceived benefits of a hot shower, starting your day with a cold shower may offer a multitude of advantages.

Improve Wakefulness and Circulation

What would you give to get up each morning and feel more awake? If that’s your goal, a cold shower is for you. The moment that icy water hits your skin, there’s a gasp and your eyes shoot open. You’re awake.

That deep breath you take when you touch the water is more significant than you suspect and actually increases blood circulation, which boosts natural immunity.

Lose More Weight

That’s right, taking a cold shower can help you lose weight. The explanation is a bit sciencey, but here’s what happens. There are two kinds of fat: white and brown. White fat is the kind many of us struggle with, while brown keeps our bodies warm.

When you take a cold shower, the brown fat gets working to keep you warm. This burns calories and helps to fight white (bad) fat. A group of Scandinavian researchers recently found exposure to cold temperatures raised your metabolic rate by 15 times, drastically aiding weight loss.

Perfect Your Skin and Hair

Cold water may just save you a fortune on hair and skin products!

The benefits of a cold shower show on the surface, too! Like we said, hot water dries out your skin and opens your pores. Cold water does the opposite, tightening your skin and closing your pores and cuticles. Not only does this give you healthier looking skin, it also prevents blemishes.

Hot water affects more than just your skin, it also dries your hair. This causes it to look brittle or frazzled. Taking a cold shower makes your hair shiny and luscious. Cold water may just save you a fortune on hair and skin products!

● ● ●

There’s no arguing a hot shower in the morning, or right before bed, is one of those creature comforts that can make a day better. But what we’ve learned is there’s a good argument that cold showers can enrich your life. Taking one may just be worth a second look.

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