Candy bars are popular this time of year, but sometimes, you might be hungry for something different. Whether it’s a slightly healthier treat or a savory snack for your Halloween party, you’ve got options. We’ve gathered a few of our favorites. Your friends and family will scream… with delight… at this mix of new and traditional, healthy and rich treats!

As delicious as these snacks are, don’t expect trick-or-treaters to accept them. Horror stories of razors in apples or poisoned candies have put a stop to unpackaged treats. This is largely the reason that fun-sized candies are the preferred treat. Instead, share with your friends and family to get them into the Halloween-spirit. They may even help your little ghosts and goblins to eat a bit healthier in this candy-filled season!

Sweet Treats

Going the sweet route is your best bet if you’re looking to replace chocolate candies. Our selection of treats will satisfy your sweet tooth but are more filling or replace sugar with other flavors.

Candy Apples

Candy apples are a traditional snack that millions enjoy every year. There are many ways to add a bit of sweetness to apples. If you’re looking for an added health bonus, you can use dark chocolate! We’ve covered how good dark chocolate is for you in the past, and apples are both filling and loaded with health benefits.

You can also make caramel apples, another traditional favorite. If you’re brave, discover more ways to get creative with apples by allowing your friends and families to make their own!

Soul Cakes

From one traditional Halloween snack to the very first trick-or-treating favorite! Before Halloween was called “Halloween” (also known as All Souls’ Eve), soul cakes were given to the original trick-or-treaters, beggars, in exchange for prayers. Later, they were given to entertainers in exchange for their tricks.

There are many different types of soul cakes. Some are thin and crispy like a cookie, while others are fluffy. Traditionally, you can include raisins or saffron or even cover it in powdered sugar! Soul cakes are a delicious blend of spicy and sweet and have a long history of delighting trick-or-treaters.

Graveyard “Dirt”

If you’ve never eaten dirt before, you’re going to want to change that. Most recipes are incredibly simple to make, but pack a lot of flavor. No, we’re not talking about dirt from the ground but the combination of chocolate pudding and crushed Oreo cookies! Seriously, that’s all you need to make dirt! You don’t have to stop there, though.

Instead, use the dirt as a canvas to make terrifyingly tasty graveyards. You can even include (gummy) worms! How traditional or experimental you make this snack is entirely up to you. It’s perfect for a party or in single servings as a fun treat.

Savory Selections

After eating candy and healthier alternatives, you might want something more substantial. Luckily, you’ll still have options to match those savory cravings.

Worms in Dirt

If you enjoyed the graveyard dirt, you’ll love its meaty cousin. We got the idea for this treat from Martha Stewart’s “2009 Halloween episode” featuring Jimmy Fallon. Much like graveyard dirt, the recipe is incredibly simple. In Stewart’s recipe, you slice hot dogs into thin strips and boil them. Next, you chop black beans, add them into a bowl, and mix in the hot dogs.

The effect is pretty successful — it really looks like worms in dirt! If you’re looking for something more meaty, try out this recipe.

Vampire Bat Wings

Halloween parties are popular for adults, and any party is better with wings. Make your spicy favorites Halloween style by turning them into “bat” wings! Okay, so you won’t need to find actual vampire bat wings, rather you just have to color chicken wings.

If you have a favorite hot sauce, you can make bat wings by just adding black food dye to the sauce and marinating the wings in it. Other recipes use dark ingredients to create a black-as-night sauce or a dark spice rub. The results are the same, frighteningly tasty bat wings that are scary spicy!


Another Halloween recipe hearkening back to ancient times, colcannon is mashed potatoes on steroids. Traditionally, colcannon was used to tell the future around Halloween. Charms were hidden in the dish, and, depending on what charm you got, parts of your future would be revealed.

A colcannon dish combines mashed potatoes, kale or cabbage, and dairy products (butter and milk). Scallions or shallots are often included, while some even add bacon or meat! You can even make a colcannon for appetizers.

● ● ●

Halloween is associated with costumes or scares, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find a rich culinary tradition. This is great news, since most of the time, candy just won’t cut it. Whether you’re hosting a party or seeking a festive alternative snack, you have delightful, delectable options to turn to this year. Happy Halloween!

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