Shop & Enroll and its plan finder have just grown in the ways they can help you master your Medicare insurance coverage. With the newest website update, Shop & Enroll has added the ability for consumers to create an account that will allow them to organize much of their health care and Medicare insurance coverage information in one place. Bonus: Consumers will be able to share their information with their licensed sales agent so they can work with them to find coverage options that fit their needs. Not only can this help people shopping around for Medicare insurance plans be more prepared for coverage decisions, it helps their insurance agents find intuitive coverage solutions that may have otherwise fallen through the cracks. Best of all, this service (like the rest of Shop & Enroll) is free to use!

Shop & Enroll Sign Up Page

How Can I Register for a Shop & Enroll Account?

There are two ways to sign up for your own account on Shop & Enroll. First, you can create an account if you receive an invite from your agent or request that your agent send you an invite. This email will lead you to the Shop & Enroll registration page and guide you through the process.

The other option is to register on a Shop & Enroll agent’s website via the register button in the upper right-hand corner. The agent you’re working with can send you this link. You can tell if you’re on your agent’s Shop & Enroll page by looking in the upper left-hand corner in the dark green box. If it says your agent’s name, phone number, and NPN (their National Producer Number), you’re on their page.

However you get there, once you’re on the registration page, simply fill out the information boxes, set your contact preferences, and read the Privacy and Terms & Conditions agreements. Then, click the “REGISTER WITH SHOP & ENROLL button! You’ll receive an email leading you to finish your registration by setting your password, and then you’re all done. All told, you could have your own Shop & Enroll account in a matter of minutes!

What Can I Do with My Account?

Once you have your account, you can start inputting and organizing your health data and taking control of your health care solutions. Not only can you include personal details like your contact information or address, but you’ll also have the ability to list your previous Medicare insurance plans. Your coverage isn’t just about your contact information and your previous plans, though, and Shop & Enroll accounts reflect this. Your account also allows you to input and organize your primary care providers, hospitals, and pharmacies that you use regularly. You can also list your personal health conditions that are good to know like allergies or ongoing diseases, as well as any prescription drugs you’re taking.

The benefits of this are twofold. Your agent can make suggestions for service providers that fit your plans and plans that fit your needs.

Finally, once you enter all this information, you can share it with your agent! The benefits of this are twofold. First, your agent can look over your shared information and make suggestions for local pharmacies or service providers that may work better with your plan. The second positive of this is that, when it comes time to look into other plans, your agent will know your health care needs and should be better able to find you a plan that fits those needs or suggest you stick with your current plan if that’s working well for you. They can even suggest additional insurance plans that may cover needs that Medicare insurance doesn’t cover.

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The goal of this new enhancement to Shop & Enroll is to make sure that you are getting the best service we can provide. By enabling you to make an account, Shop & Enroll is becoming more intuitive and personalized than ever. If you have a Shop & Enroll agent, talk to them about getting an account today. If you don’t have an agent but are interested in a Shop & Enroll account, give us a call at 844-762-2733 (TTY 711) and we’ll work with you to find a trusted agent to get your account set up with. This new feature is just another way Shop & Enroll aims to live up to our motto. Your Medicare insurance plan is out there. Let’s find it together!