Unfortunately, there’s one universal truth to snacking. If it’s tasty, it’s usually bad for you. But that’s no longer set in stone. If you’re a fan of french fries, this article is for you

Fries are a great addition to most meals. Whether it be steak, burgers, or fish, fries pair well. As delicious as they are, frying starchy potatoes adds up to a calorie-laden food. With a few simple changes, you can avoid many of the calories that come from fries.

Skip the Fryer!

You fry french fries. It’s right there in the name. But if you’ve read our post about healthy fish and chips, you’ll know that frying isn’t the only way to get crisp, delicious fries.

Why is baking a healthier method? The oil. When you fry french fries, you’re dipping potatoes in extremely hot oil. Even if you dry the potatoes after frying them, there will still be a lot of oil which adds calories and trans fats, which you want to avoid in a healthy diet.

Why is baking a healthier cooking method? The oil.

Baking fries cuts most of the oil out of the process and allows you to use healthier oils. Oils like olive oil are better for your heart than vegetable oil. Though it’s important to remember that too much oil is still too much oil!

Try Thicker Fries

Another trick you can use is to cut thicker fries. Seriously, it seems counterintuitive, but thick cut fries soak up less oils than shoestring (the kind found at many fast food joints). The British government even pushed fish and chip shops to use thicker fries to combat obesity!

So why is there such a difference? One key reason is the surface area. Smaller French fries have a smaller surface area, allowing more oil to seep into the fries. While this crisps the fries more, it packs on the calories.

Switch Up Your Fries

If all else fails, you can swap the potatoes out of the fries. Luckily, there are several alternatives that are tasty and healthy. One common option is sweet potatoes. While they may have similar calories, they have more vitamins and fall lower on the glycemic index.

For more healthy options, we can look to vegetables. Many of you will be familiar with green bean fries, which have been popping up everywhere. Zucchini and polenta are two other very low-calorie alternatives to potatoes as well.

● ● ●

Fries are a side that goes well with almost any meal. With that in mind, finding healthy fry hacks is worth the time.