One trend that’s grown significantly in the last few years, especially among younger individuals, is subscription boxes. People pay a fee every so often to receive boxes filled with items that come at different frequencies. Most arrive once a month, but sometimes these boxes arrive once every other month or once a quarter. There are many kinds of boxes, so there’s a good chance one exists that may interest you, even if you’re a senior!

For seniors, subscription boxes offer a monthly package that can deliver care or something new and interesting. What exactly can they do for you? Well, that depends on the box!

Benefits of Subscription Boxes for Seniors

Stay Active

One of the great features of subscription boxes is that they can keep seniors active. This can be particularly helpful for seniors who are homebound or struggling with isolation. See, the boxes, regardless of their theme, provide something new each period. Whether it’s a crafting box, a fitness box, or a gardening box — to name a few — a subscription box can get you up and moving and trying new things!

No matter what type, a subscription box can get you up and moving and trying new things!

With each new box, the recipient gets something fresh to reignite their passion for a hobby or exercise. This can keep an activity from getting stale and boring. Even if you’re someone who doesn’t mind getting into a routine, something like a weight loss box can offer you a curated guide to getting fitter.

Keep Learning

Not only can subscription boxes for seniors help adults stay physically active, it can keep them mentally lively too. Art and crafting boxes keep the mind busy and promote creativity, which is incredibly healthy. Beyond creativity, these boxes can also keep you busy, which is important to staying mentally sharp at any age.

Subscription boxes for seniors are great ways to learn and experience new things each month!

Specifically, subscription boxes can be an effective way to teach yourself how to cook. Some of the earliest boxes were for meal delivery services. These are still around and drop off ingredients and recipes for new and exciting dishes!

You can also subscribe to something like a monthly book box, which is similar to a book of the month club. As we’ve discussed before, reading is great for your mental health. It’s also one of the best ways to learn new things! Depending on your subscription, you may even get several new books in each box to page through! That makes reading subscription boxes a clever way to ensure you always have a fresh book to dive into.

Different Boxes for Seniors

Out of all the boxes out there, there are also ones curated specifically for seniors. Unlike other types of boxes, subscription boxes for seniors tend to focus on providing therapeutic care or emotional support or facilitating family connections. One subscription box for seniors that focuses on emotional health and independence is the Purpose Subscription Box. This box is sent out quarterly and contains up to five products, three photographs, a custom message from your loved ones, and the Purpose Newsletter. It’s perfect for seniors who live farther away from loved ones.

Subscription boxes for seniors tend to focus on therapeutic care, emotional support, or facilitating family connections.

Finally, you can also try the GrandBox, a monthly box that’s similar the Purpose box. It contains at least five items that follow a theme. This theme is connected to the month the box is sent in. Along with the items, each box can be customized with five four-inch by six-inch family photos and a note for your loved ones. One box costs $33, though, like with the Senior Delight box, you can get a discount by prepaying for multiple months.

● ● ●

Whether you’re choosing a subscription box geared toward seniors or one that fits your personality, it can bring a bit of excitement and anticipation to your doorstep each month. They can introduce you to new hobbies or recipes or reignite your passion for something you used to do. They may even help you kickstart a new, healthier lifestyle. If any of these outcomes sound good to you, you may want to see if there’s a box out there for you.