We all need help in the kitchen from time to time. This is especially true if we’re trying out a new diet or attempting to eat healthier. Traditionally, you could always turn to a cookbook. These days, you can just check out YouTube. One of the advantages of YouTube is that you can watch the process and the best channels are just a joy to watch.

Today, that’s exactly what we’ll be breaking down for you. So, what will land you on this list? We judged the channels on video production quality, recipe quality, and presentation style. Without further ado:

Mind Over Munch

Subscribers: 729k

Example: Bento Box Lunches | Healthy Recipes! – Mind over Munch

Mind Over Munch is on a mission to redefine health. They skip past many of the fad diets or trendy diet tips in search of real health tips. The videos are well-produced, informative, and enjoyable. The channel features everything from meal preps, budget videos, and healthy diet tips.

Each video includes the full recipes in a PDF file in the video’s description. As such, sometimes the ingredient amounts or full instructions aren’t included in the videos, and that’s our only criticism of Mind Over Munch.

One of the more interesting kind of videos they often post are Bento Box Lunches. Each bento box has everything you need for a healthy lunch. For someone who needs a lunch option on the go, these are perfect!

Clean & Delicious

Subscribers: 685k

Example: 5 Easy Healthy Breakfast Ideas in Under 5 Minutes

Clean & Delicious is the labor of love for health, wellness, weight-loss coach and mother of two, Dani Spies. Dani brings her years of experience to teach viewers how to make healthy meals that don’t feel like you’re dieting. The channel also includes weight loss tips for people of all sizes.

If we were to have one slight criticism of Clean & Delicious, it would be with the production quality. They’ve improved since they started, but the camera movement can be a little distracting sometimes. In older videos, the lighting isn’t perfect all the time either. That said, the food is clearly displayed, and it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the videos.

The feature that caught our attention was the series “Ingredient 101.” The videos cover everything you need to know about specific ingredients.

Fit Men Cook

Subscribers: 466k

Example: $75 Meal Prep 2016 – 5 meals for 5 days

“Bodies are built in the kitchen; Sculpted in the gym.” That’s the philosophy of Fit Men Cook. The channel offers viewers lean meals that won’t break the bank. Like all the channels on this list, the videos are well-produced, and Kevin Curry, the host, is a likable guy.

While the recipes are mostly healthy, they are geared towards the active. If you are more sedentary or are movement impaired, you may want to explore one of the other channels on this list.

That said, if you do keep active, you’ll want to check this channel out. Fit Men Cook features many robust meals like teriyaki chicken meatballs, healthier “KFC-style” popcorn chicken, or sweet potato risotto. If you’ve gone through this list and wanted something a bit more substantial, this is the channel for you.

Sweet Potato Soul

Subscribers: 363k

Example: Vegan Pizza Four Ways

Sweet Potato Soul takes adds a bit of down-home cooking to the vegan diet. Their recipes were featured on TODAY, Reader’s Digest, and HuffPost Taste, among others. Jenné Claiborne combines her Southern roots with a love of healthy cooking. The two may seem incompatible, but Jenné creates recipes that will make you rethink vegan food.

The channel also has interviews or guest videos with vegan chefs, doctors, and others. They will cover fitness or fashion as well, creating a well-rounded channel.

If there’s a reason to pass on this channel, it’s the recipes. The recipes are all vegan and the channel is proud of that, but if you’re strictly carnivorous, this could be a deal breaker. If you’re vegan or want to give it a try, this is the channel for you.

Nic’s Nutrition

Subscribers: 18k

Example: 3 Healthy Recipes with California Raisins | UK Dietitian Nichola Whitehead

Since 2012, Nic’s Nutrition has been vlogging about eating better, but that’s only half the story. Nichola Whitehead has been a UK Registered Dietitian since 2009, and she brings this knowledge to the channel. She is also a regular guest on BBC Breakfast. In 2015, Nic’s Nutrition won the Best Individual Health Blog for the UK Blog Awards.

While this may seem intimidating, nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, Nichola seasons her videos with expert nutritional knowledge to back her up.

The videos are light and educational, and the recipes are simple. Nichola is careful to explain each step carefully and the reasons behind those steps.

Nichola lives in the UK, which means you may need to do a bit of conversion. For example, she uses Celsius measurements in her videos. Needing to convert measurements can be frustrating. To help you out, here’s a conversion calculator (and other measurements)! We don’t want you to miss out on a good channel.

Other Cooking Channels to Help You Learn to Cook Healthy Recipes

If you’re looking for even more cooking channels on YouTube, look no further. The channels that we listed below four of the largest on YouTube. While the recipes aren’t always the healthiest (though some are), they are popular for a reason. Enjoy!

Rosanna Pansino — 10 Million Subscribers
Gordon Ramsay — 7.3 Million Subscribers
Jamie Oliver — 3.9 Million Subscribers
POPSUGAR Food — 1.1 Million Subscribers

Plus, many of the channels included in our “5 Great YouTube Fitness Channels” article include recipes.

● ● ●

With this grouping of cooking channels, you should never run out of recipes again! If you can keep cooking exciting, healthy, and fun, you’re well on your way to sticking to a healthy diet.

Numbers up-to-date as of 9/05/2018

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