The ins and outs of the Medicare program aren’t easy for everyone grasp. That’s why millions of Americans every year rely on experts to guide them to finding what plans fit their needs.

What are the major parts of the Medicare program, and what do they mean? To start, you have the two original parts of the Medicare program, Parts A and B.

The Parts of the Medicare Program

Part A

Part A is your hospital coverage that assists in paying for your medical stays, whether they be hospital visits, skilled nursing facility stays, or hospice care.

Part B

Part B covers your medical services such as doctor’s visits, ambulance rides or lab tests. Prescribed durable medical equipment like wheelchairs and sleep apnea machines is also covered. You can learn more about durable medical equipment here.

Part C

The alternative to Original Medicare is Part C, which is also known as Medicare Advantage. Offered by federally-approved private insurers, Medicare Advantage combines Parts A and B into one plan with one card, sometimes offering additional benefits like prescription drug coverage.

Part D

Medicare Part D is an optional plan that covers your prescription drugs. Much like Medicare Advantage, Part D is offered by federally-approved private insurers. Your Part D plan defines covered drugs and the pharmacies where you can pick them up.

Medicare Supplements

Known commonly as Medigap plans, Medicare Supplements are sold by approved insurers and cover the copays and deductibles that Parts A and B do not. While you can combine a Medicare Supplement with Parts A and B, you cannot pair one with Medicare Advantage.

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So now that you understand what each part of the Medicare program covers, it’s time to choose your plan. Contacting a local licensed agent who can help you navigate the Medicare program is a good first step.

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